Allan Wille


Allan Wille is the co-founder and CEO at Klipfolio, a widely used SaaS business analytics platform. He has over 20 years of experience leading software companies and was one of the early adopters of Cloud computing and the SaaS business model. 

Under Allan’s leadership, Klipfolio has grown rapidly from a few hundred customers in 2012 to over 5,000 around the world today. He is a frequent blogger, speaker, and advisor on leadership and technology startups. Allan previously co-founded Espial, an internet device software firm that was publicly traded on the TSX.

Allan is a resolute optimist, a designer by training, a frequent cyclist and a passionate advocate for Ottawa’s tech community. Allan lives in Ottawa with his wife and two daughters.

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Negative Churn! The Ultimate Guide to OFFSETTING Revenue Churn with Upgrades, Cross-sells and Add-ons


Churn is one of the most hotly debated questions of all SaaS. Bessemer Venture Partners says an “acceptable” churn rate could be as high as 7% annually, though there are many SaaS CEOs who consider anything above 5% unacceptable. So… is negative churn even possible?  Yes.  It’s the “holy grail” of SaaS metrics in fact – and when it’s negative, this is a really POSITIVE thing!   In this […]