Ainsley Robertson


Ainsley Robertson is the Manager of Developer Experience at Clio, which means she works on anything related to being a developer at Clio outside of writing code, such as how to recruit, hire, build and retain a high performing engineering team. It’s part project management, part human resources, part marketing and part human swiss army knife. In 2018, she helped increase women in engineering at Clio from 13% to 25% in less than six months (check out the Clio Labs blog for the full story). Today, she’s focused on preparing the current team to take on leadership roles as Clio continues to scale. Ainsley also leads Clio’s employee committee for diversity and inclusion and founded Vancouver’s Women in Product chapter. Prior to Clio, Ainsley worked in product management, marketing, communications, sales, and more in the tech, venture capital and nonprofit sectors.

My Sessions

Breakout: Recruiting & Building A World Class Team: There are times when you ought to consider hiring outside the lines.

Room 208

To find the right people for your organization, sometimes you need to think outside the box and look in places you never thought to before. Whether you are scaling with remote teams, or looking to attract foreign talent, knowing how to equip your organization to recruit the best and brightest, is both an art and […]