Keynote, Sponsored by Redstamp- The Velocity of SaaS in Canada


Neha Khera, Partner at  500 Startups Canada will share insights on global trends and the state of SaaS in Canada. The SaaS industry, estimated to be valued at $100 Billion USD is currently outpacing the world economy’s rate of growth. The state of this industry has been rapidly transitioning: from the cloud, to general purpose software, now to hyper-verticalized platforms. Add to this, growth investing in Canada has grown by 160% over the last three years to $1.7 Billion, vs the US which has seen a modest growth of 10% over the same period. For the first time, Canada is seeing a mass movement of US based talent moving North to work in Canada’s booming tech sector. The costs of launching a Startup have never been so low, however, the complexity required to achieve global scale has never been as high.