SaaS Weekly

Happy Friday! Here’s your weekly roundup of SaaS news to help you get through Friday.

1. 7 Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned from Starting My Own Sales Practice

In late 2017, after almost two decades in B2B software sales leadership across 4 start-ups, two acquisitions, and one IPO, I finally decided to live my passion full-time and start my own practice.

My mission: to empower armies of modern sellers to sell the way they buy by harnessing the power of science and empathy. The side-benefit; stamping out crappy, old-school tactics that cast a shadow on the profession I’ve fallen in love with!

It was the best decision of my career.[Continue eading]



2. Toronto, Vancouver Rise in Rankings of Best Global Cities for Female Entrepreneurs.

anadian cities have risen in the standings on a new global ranking of the best cities for female entrepreneurs, released last week.

Toronto and Vancouver were the two Canadian cities included in this year’s WE Cities ranking of the top 50 global cities for female entrepreneurs, with Vancouver making number 11 on the list, and Toronto coming in at number nine. [Continue eading]


3. ‘Blitzscaling’ Is Choking Innovation—and Wasting Money

IS VENTURE CAPITAL harming entrepreneurship? At first blush, this seems like an odd question. VCs have been the lifeblood of virtually every successful tech startup for generations, enabling entrepreneurs to create and refine innovative products and rapidly scale to self-sustaining profitability. [Continue eading]


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