SAAS NORTH Gets Physical Nov. 17-18, 2021

Canada’s largest SaaS conference is back at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa 

June 16, 2021  

Canada’s best and brightest cloud software entrepreneurs are coming together in-person at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa to learn, network and grow at the 6th annual SAAS NORTH conference on November 17-18, 2021. After the COVID-19 pandemic forced SAAS NORTH Co-Founder Cube Business Media to do a comprehensive pivot to online conferences, Vice President and Producer Dave Tyldesley is excited to announce a return to in-person events for Q4: “Many SaaS companies have experienced unparalleled growth in the past year and are starving to reconnect with their community and investors, face-to-face, after 18 months of lockdowns.  Since 2016, SAAS NORTH has been recognized as THE Canadian hub for rapidly-scaling SaaS founders and their teams.” 

Rapid growth in many SaaS verticals has presented unique challenges across operations, human resources, marketing and management functions. Software as a Service (SaaS) companies have completely rewritten their scaling plans and many are eager to return to SAAS NORTH to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and to learn tactical strategies to adapt, react and thrive in the ever-changing cloud-based software market.  

"The pandemic has accelerated the growth of innovation in Canada and the incredible products created by the tech industry have been put front and centre, with many becoming not only essential, but critical for the survival of many businesses and organizations.” says Leo Lax, Executive Managing Director, L-SPARK Corporation & SAAS NORTH Co-Founder. 

Although the virtual SAAS NORTH conference received rave reviews in 2020 with world-class speakers, nothing equals the value of experiencing in-person events.  Fostering interpersonal connections is the heart and soul of SAAS NORTH.  Organizers are designing the conference to maximize the areas that were difficult to nail in a virtual world, most notably, meaningful networking. "SAAS NORTH is our home court.   Let’s take this opportunity to gather together again, to share and learn from each other and re-imagine our future," says Leo Lax. 

 What about a ‘hybrid’ SAAS NORTH? 

Although creating a safe, in-person conference is the top priority for organizers, they acknowledge that some of their community will not be able to attend an in-person conference this year.  An exclusive pair of remote-eLearning opportunities are being developed for individuals who can’t physically attend SAAS NORTH 2021 in Ottawa.  

Entrepreneurs will have the option of purchasing a Remote Ticket which offers live streaming passes to keynote sessions, access to the app for connecting with fellow participants and 2 eLearning sessions in the Fall featuring world class SaaS leaders. 

Whether attending in-person or remotely, entrepreneurs will connect and learn from plenty of peers and investors.  “As SaaS leaders, we need to share our successes and pitfalls. SAAS NORTH is a major force that ensures the SaaS community in Canada succeeds and learns together," says Allan Wille, Co-Founder & CEO,  Klipfolio, longtime SAAS NORTH participant. 

“The wait is over. SAAS NORTH is THE event for Canada's SaaS companies. The sessions are full of tactical expert advice, keynotes with lessons-learned (sometimes the hard way) and a great mix of investors attending to magnify the payback”, adds Lance Laking, Managing Director, MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund. 

 Tickets go on sale June 29th, 2021 at 


SAAS NORTH is Canada’s SaaS conference, co-founded in 2016 by L-SPARK and Cube Business Media. 2021 marks the sixth year of this premier event bringing the best in SaaS together on November 17-18, 2021 at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa. This year’s lineup of speakers, programming and networking opportunities promises to reconnect founders, investors and executives.  

 About Cube Business Media 

Cube Business Media Inc. is a boutique conference and exposition company, founded to generate connections, build contentcreate communities and virtual hubs where like-minded individuals can gather en masse. Cube Business Media specialize in building annual events from the ground up. With a history of building well-attended annual events that bring professionals back year after year. 

About L-Spark Corporation 

L-SPARK is Canada's leading accelerator for the Connected MedTech industry as well as Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. The accelerator offers programs focused on future innovative B2B and B2B/B2C companies, as well as targeted programs that partner with leading corporations in Connected Cars (AV), IoT and Cybersecurity.  

Since the launch of its first cohort in January 2015, L-SPARK has accelerated 61 companies across Canada. With over 10,000 investors, corporate partners and startups now in its network, L-SPARK has curated a dynamic Canadian tech community for participating companies to join. 


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