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Erin blaskie

director of marketing, L-Spark

Community Management, with L-SPARK’s Erin Blaskie

Join Erin Blaskie, Director of Marketing for L-SPARK - Canada's leading SaaS accelerator, for a roundtable on the importance of community management and how it ties into your marketing, branding and other digital media efforts. Erin will share her experience in brand building, community engagement and social media and leave you with some actionable tips that you can put into effect immediately. There will also be open Q&A in this engaging and interactive session so come armed with your best questions on community building!

Spencer Ririe

Co-Founder, Redstamp

Kelso Kennedy

Co-Founder, Redstamp/Chime.io

Marketing Growth Strategies with the RedStamp & Chime team: Kelso Kennedy &  Spencer Ririe

Join Kelso Kennedy and Spencer Ririe from Redstamp & Chime, a digital marketing & content agency, to discuss marketing growth strategies. From content and social media, to paid ads and analytics, we'll share advice, experiments, and strategies to help you develop marketing campaigns, track results, and grow your business.


VP, Marketing & Growth, Predictable Revenue

Design Thinking Workshop with Predictable Revenue’s Meena Sandhu

Learn how to run a design thinking workshop for your team. Facilitate creative discussions, build an environment that enables innovation. Through proper design thinking workshops you can tackle real problems with unique perspectives and implement solutions. Learn to innovate like Google, using the methodologies from the Stanford Design thinking school. We’ll walk through a modern marketing problem around the theme of lead generation.

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jill earthy

head of growth at female funders & founders, POWERED BY HIGHLINE BETA

Diversity Drives Innovation, with Female Funders Head of Growth, Jill Earthy

Join Jill Earthy of Female Funders to explore new models of financing and to discuss the importance of diversity of both funders and founders to drive innovation. Share best practices and learn from each other.

Tuba yamac

Senior Patent Agent, BCF LLP

Jocelyn Auger

Partner, BCF LLP

ilya kalnish

BCF Avocats d'affaires | Business Law, BCF

Intellectual Property and legal strategies tailored to your business – the why, the what, the when and the how

Join Patent lawyers Tuba Yamac, Jocelyn Auger and Ilya Kalnish, from BCF, for a discussion on strategic considerations for technologies at the intersection of AI and other industry specific technologies, such as Medical technologies amongst others. Understand the value of determining an international Intellectual Property strategy, whether patents, trade-secrets, designs, trademarks etc. Learn what some of the business trigger points are for beginning to consider your IP strategy or for updating strategy dynamically and proactively.

Aly Gillani

Director, communications, emdia & tech investment banking, rbc capital markets

Jonathon Sullivan

Senior Commercial Account Manager, RBC

Raising capital for private tech companies in Canada from startup to IPO

Join RBC’s Capital Markets representatives, Aly Gillani and Jonathon Sullivan for this session’s deep dive into understanding how to prepare for raising capital throughout every step of your company’s lifecycle.