How Different is Better Delivers Marketing Magic for Start-Ups – Even in a Pandemic!

Udi Ledergor understands and welcomes the challenge of creating innovative, memorable marketing campaigns that drive sales. As a 5-time VP of Marketing, he brings 15 years of experience heading marketing teams. Udi has helped several B2B companies grow faster, by optimizing and transforming their marketing efforts.

Today, Udi is the Chief Marketing Officer at Gong, an international tech company that created the Revenue Intelligence category to enable leading revenue teams to get the unfiltered truth about their customers’ interactions and deals, and transform the way they go to market.

“Gong is a marketing-led company. I’ve worked with Gong’s CEO, Amit Bendov, at three different companies and he truly believes in the value of marketing. It is highly valued and resourced,” says Udi.

Before starting his career in marketing, Udi felt a pull to the creative arts as a musician, magician and dabbling in stage lighting and sound. He sees a strong connection between the performing arts and marketing, saying when you bring the two together, there is a spark that inspires you to do things differently.

“Great marketing needs to have a balance between creativity and analytics. It’s the blend between embracing really creative ideas and getting granular about dashboards and measurements to see how your marketing is performing,” he says.

The landscape today is more competitive than ever and in this new reality for start-ups, Udi refers back to his mantra and one of his favourite quotes, “Different is better than better”. For start-ups fighting for market share against more well-established competitors, choosing to be different is simpler than trying to copy competitors and working 10 times harder in order to stand out. It’s about finding a voice that is cuts through the noise and is engaging.

Examples of being different include digital events instead of field events, short social posts instead of white papers and boring websites vs those like Gong’s with its lively content and own bulldog mascot as an online customer service rep.

In today’s short-attention-span world, those who are different stand out.

“What people want – and need – right now is education and entertainment, also known as ‘edutainment’”, says Udi. “And you deliver this experience by being lighthearted, being human and having a conversation with your customers.”

There’s no doubt that the global COVID-19 pandemic has changed marketing and it may be for the better. Virtual events are levelling the playing field for companies of all sizes with venue rentals, speaker travel fees, catering, signage and the many other costs attached to a live event no longer a consideration. It is an exciting time for start-ups willing to push boundaries.

Udi advises to keep virtual events focused on creating an engaging audience experience. Gong’s “Celebrate Unstoppable” online event in July 2020 is an example of creativity at its finest. With icons like Arianna Huffington joining the event and co-host Kermit the Frog, it shows how pushing the envelope can pay off in spades with nearly 5000 people signing up to attend online.

Don’t miss Udi’s presentation at SAAS NORTH Now where he will talk about adjusting your marketing toolkit when face-to-face is dead and budgets are slashed.