Join small groups of peers in a working lunch featuring fun, fast-paced & tactical discussions led by experts on hot topics that matter to you. RSVP now and self-select which table to join onsite!

2 session topics offered:

People & Culture Challenges Are on The Table

Date: November 17th, 2021

Time: 12:15 - 12:50pm 

Topics may include:   

Total Rewards & Employee Value Proposition – With the shift in focus to employee wellness, work flexibility, etc. many organizational leaders are reviewing their total reward programs and where they’re making their investments. They’re asking themselves “How can we better meet this value prop?” 

New requirements for leaders as it relates to virtual talent – With the expansion of the talent pool to include virtual employees outside of the geographic office location, leaders have a set of new requirements. Everything from learning how to lead hybrid teams, to employee engagement, etc. 

Competition for talent in a virtual space – With many organizations expanding their recruitment efforts virtually the competition to find and retain key talent is more fierce. Leading to questions like: How do I effectively recruit and find top talent virtually? How do I keep my local talent when they now have recruiters calling them from Silicon Valley? 

Top Business Challenges for Senior Execs and Investors (FULL)

Date: November 18th, 2021

Time: 11:45am - 12:20pm

Topics may include:   

De-risking & sustainable business models that maintain valuation– As valuations continue to soar for SaaS organizations and the bubble continues to grow, are companies and leaders looking to the future and building sustainable business models that can ensure they sustain their valuation over time? When you’re in the bubble you don’t expect it to burst but preparing for the inevitable could save your company. 

Optimized IT Ecosystems – Many organizations are struggling with the upheaval in their IT Ecosystems brought about by the acceleration of digital transformations due to remote work during the Pandemic.  Many have had to pivot on technology and process initiatives already underway when the Pandemic hit and are now retooling their IT Ecosystem to reflect the changing needs of their teams, customers, and partners in the new normal. How can leaders close gaps and reach an ideal state where people feel supported, processes are optimized, and technology systems are leveraged. Companies that optimize their IT ecosystem are better positioned to serve their clients and scale their organization.  

Scale & (re)Growth – COVID has accelerated growth in some sectors, while in others have caused leaders to re-strategize to get back onto a path of growth. One certainty is that organizations look at Cash and Strategy in a whole new way. There is a proven framework that offers a structured and team approach for successfully scaling your organization.  

M&A as a Growth Strategy – Using M&A to grow your business and take advantage of opportunities created during the pandemic. Using an M&A playbook to help guide discussions and create value, participants can dig into pragmatic discussions and leave with an M&A Playbook.