Data Sessions Presented by Microsoft

Having strategies and tactics for scaling and maintaining high quality data are table stakes for any company in growth mode. If your data isn't carefully managed and consistently maintained it becomes flawed and unreliable... If your team loses trust in the data, they’ll stop running experiments and eventually stop using it.

To make the most of your data, you need to treat it as a product, assign resources to it and make it a part of everyone's responsibility. In the Data Session mini-track, presented by Microsoft, you’ll learn from today’s data experts, the mindset required and the strategies they’ve deployed to ensure they continually treat their data as a product and competitive differentiator.

These sessions are designed for anyone who plays a technical role in your organization or if you are trying to understand how to navigate your data while rapidly scaling up.


Opening Session: Making Predictive Analytics Operational In Your Company.

We all know it’s better to work smarter, not harder. This is especially true when applied to all the data your organisation churns out on a daily basis. Finding, using and publishing this data for collaboration across the organisation and applying machine learning models to predict the future is the spark to working smarter. Learn how your organisation can capture the value of operational machine learning and predictive analytics to drive growth.

Speakers: Kevin Poulton, Cloud Solution Architect Manager, Microsoft

Breakout: Solving the Attribution Challenge with Real Time Analytics.

Businesses struggle to understand all the touch points a potential customer encounters throughout the customer journey. To better understand the journey and target the right type of customers, you need to capture, score, assign value and analyse the journey across channels in real time. This session will dive into best practices for how to capture, enrich and ingest data from disparate sources to see what’s truly working first hand.

Moderator: Tom Petryshen, Founder, Data Collective
Panelists: Daniel Mintz, CDE, Looker
Paul Teshima, Co-Founder & CEO, Nudge.ai

Breakout: Know Your Risks: Comprehensive Strategies for Privacy & Data

Having a strategy for how to manage your data and mitigate risks in a global marketplace is essential to scaling your growth globally. What systems should you be implementing and why? In this session, experts will discuss strategies and implementation for Privacy & Data, and how they scaled their approach. What business units were impacted the most and how it improved the overall customer experience.

Moderator: Tom Petryshen, Founder, Data Collective
Anthony de Fazekas, Head of Technology & Innovation, Norton Rose Fulbright
Jean Le Bouthillier, CEO Qohash
Kathryn Cameron, COO, Beauceron Security, Inc.

Day 2 November 27, 2019

A Pathway to marketing automation & data driven nirvana

A key element to creating a successful marketing program is data and more importantly, the ability to connect data across different applications within the marketing stack. By creating a single source of truth, marketers can see a more complete view of their customers, create unique automated cross channel campaigns that drive growth and analyse results in real time.

Moderator:  Shawna Tregunna, Director of Digital Services, Iversoft
Michael Schneider, Data Scientist, Shopify
Jon Milne, Director of Marketing, Klipfolio