Coaching the Coach and How to Score Your Success: Meet Dan Martell

As we continue to spotlight our amazing lineup of SAAS NORTH speakers, allow us to introduce you to Dan Martell.

Dan is a serial entrepreneur who has built several multi-million dollar technology companies starting at the age of 17. He’s also an award-winning angel investor, having invested in 35+ companies like Intercom, Udemy, Hootsuite and Unbounce. Today he’s an executive coach focused exclusively on B2B SaaS working with the founders from,,, and many others to help them scale their businesses. He splits his time between Canada (where he grew up), and San Diego, with his wife Renee and two boys.


We caught up with Dan and asked him to share a little something about what he is going to speak about at SAAS NORTH and what some of his insights are around growing SaaS companies in Canada. 

-This year you’ll be talking about Your Precision Scorecard: The core metrics you need to have for each function of your organization to measure and accelerate growth. Can you share one or two key points on why this topic is important?

Dan -“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”  ~ Peter Drucker. Every startup needs to be measuring their metrics, but when you can measure everything the real question is “What are the most important numbers for each area of the business and how often should we be reviewing these?” The Precision Scorecard will provide the exact scorecard you need for each stage of growth, the frequency you should be monitoring and how to hold your team accountable to hitting them. It’s a requirement for scale and growth.

-Was there ever a time in your career when you questioned your success and what steps did you take to address that?

Dan – When I was building my company Spheric, we were 2 years in and about $1.2M in revenue and I could see based on our numbers (sales pipeline, cash flow, etc) that we were going to hit a brick wall (ie. run out of money). Out of desperation, I reached out to a mentor and he made 3 introductions for me to people he knew could help me. That one email with names saved my business. The advice I got from those individuals allowed me to restructure my pricing strategy, the sales process and ramp-up new hires faster to be productive. Having a coach/mentor is invaluable in my humble opinion. I’ve got 5 coaches today for different aspects of my life (business, kiteboarding, obstacle course racing, etc) because I like to move fast and avoid dumb mistakes.

-As a serial entrepreneur, what were one or two moments that you just knew your visions/goals/objectives were validated?

Dan – I think growth comes in step functions. One of such steps was when I was building and we had to make a serious decision to move away from being a tool/application people used to a full-blown marketplace. It took us a few months to make the decision and a few more to build out the feature set, but once we launched, our growth tripled in the next 2 months vs. the previous year. It felt great!

-What do you do to combat burnout?

Dan – I build in rest into my day, week, month, quarter and year. Essentially I have a strict list of rules I live by that won’t allow me to burnout since I know what I’m capable of. That way I can say “no” faster, and only say yes to things that move my dreams and goals forward. There are two videos that dive into this on my YouTube Channel: 3 Guiding Principles and Perfect Week.

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