AI Mini Track

Canada’s dominance in the Artificial Intelligence market should come as no surprise with the depth and breadth of investments happening, such as the launch of the Vector Institute and the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms; the Federal Government’s commitment of $125 Million into AI initiatives; and Element.AI’s $102 Million raise, to name a few. Canada’s tech community is booming right now, so it should come as no surprise that we are emerging as a hub for AI.

If AI is now the new software battleground, what is the exponential impact on the growth of your SaaS company? This year at SAAS NORTH we are introducing a deep dive in Artificial Intelligence with our AI Mini-track. 

Whether you are a founder, technical lead, product manager or marketer, these sessions will equip you what what you need to make the best decisions on your “go-forward” strategy for adopting AI.

We are thrilled to introduce three new sessions presented by microsoft:

How do you know you have an ai problem?

The Basics of AI & How to get started

Ethics & AI