A “How-To” for Early Stage, Fast-Growing SaaS Companies to Get the Most out of SAAS NORTH, Starting Now!


When we say SAAS NORTH is the hub for SaaS companies, investors and ecosystem support partners, we mean it! We know that our thought-provoking content and world-class speakers are the big reasons people make Ottawa their #1 destination. However, companies that really get the most out of their SAAS NORTH experience do their research, clarify their goals and come prepared!


Regardless of the size of your company, if you are looking to leverage your opportunities to raise money, here’s a great story of one SaaS company who crushed it!


Since we launched SAAS NORTH we’ve heard so many success stories like this one from reDock, a startup that raised $1 Million led by Anges Québec.


We sat down with Jamie Walker, Marketing Manager from reDock, for some top tips to getting the best ROI from SAAS NORTH (or any industry event really).


Jamie wanted to make sure her company was taking advantage of all the SAAS NORTH resources like Investor Meetings, the Workspaces Tradeshow, networking parties, engaging on social media and the SAAS NORTH event app.


The results of how they spent their time at SAAS NORTH can be broken down as follows:


  • 50 Demos / Onsite Meetings
  • 11 Sales Opportunities
  • 11 Investors Meetings
  • 2 Resellers
  • 3 Institutions that helped them hire new talent including accessing a grant for their new hire.


“The event allowed us to connect with many different people who were able to be categorized into 4 types: Sales Lead, Potential Reseller, Potential Investor and helped us add to our team.” ~ Jamie Walker, Marketing Manager, reDock


Here are Jamie’s three main tips that were critical to their success at SAAS NORTH and led to their $1 Million raise:


  1. SAAS NORTH Apps – pre-booking appointments for our CEO using the event apps as well as researching key attendees we wanted to meet.


  1. SAAS NORTH on Instagram, Twitter and LI – we were able to raise our profile by connecting into the SAAS NORTH marketing channels, such as social media handles and hashtags. This helped us attract more eyeballs, engage in online conversations and we had so many people come by our booth at the Workspaces Tradeshow because they had seen us so active on social and wanted to learn more about reDock.


  1. Networking and SWAG – being prepared to engage with event attendees in real-time is essential to a successful conference or tradeshow. Knowing that our SaaS product (proposal software that can help with grant applications) could solve the problems of Startups who are mired in the paperwork and process of applying for funds, we put together a list of granting facilities. We shared a great resource to help our fellow Startups and in return, turned them onto a great software solution.



Well, we hope this inspires you to be active and seize every opportunity that SAAS NORTH or any conference can give you! Speaking of great opportunities, you might want to consider grabbing your Super Early Bird tickets today (save up to $450! Ticket prices go up after June 26th.


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