3 Ways SAAS NORTH Changed Sidi.io

When Riaz Sidi, President at Sidi.io, first heard about SAAS NORTH, he didn’t realize that it would completely transform his business.

“We met hundreds of people in the tech world, dozens of key contacts that we are going to be doing business with, and professionals who have turned into clients who we see as partners of our business.” said Sidi. 

Sidi.io is a digital marketing and demand generation company that generates leads for tech companies by using inbound marketing strategies including: advanced social media campaigns, content marketing, SEM, social media posting, landing pages, webinar hosting, and email nurturing.

“In November of 2018, which was a year before attending my first SAAS NORTH conference, our company had organically started taking on a lot of clients that were SaaS based,” Sidi explained. “We really started to bring a lot of success to these SaaS clients from a digital marketing perspective.”

Sidi explained that he started seeing social media posts about SAAS NORTH Conference - and due to his company’s recent pivot and growth - knew this was the perfect opportunity to attend. 

“We had a booth, met tons of people, and had such a great time!” Sidi said reminiscing.


During the event, Sidi met Katharine Griffiths, Industrial Technology Advisor, and spoke with her about the NRC IRAP program. NRC-IRAP (The National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program) provides advice, connections, and funding to help small and medium-sized Canadian businesses increase their innovation capacity, and take ideas to market.

“I pitched my idea for a SaaS based marketing tool,” said Sidi. “From that our company was awarded a $40,000 IRAP grant to develop this software - which has allowed our company to hire 4 additional people to help develop this software.”

With the investment into SAAS NORTH, Sidi.io made connections that led to the IRAP grant and a lot of new clients - translating into a 41x ROI (Return on Investment) from participating in SAAS NORTH.

Sidi explained that when he first attended SAAS NORTH he was just a service provider, but because of the IRAP grant towards his software, Sidi.io is also now a SaaS company.

“We met so many people who we could help,” explained Sidi. “Because of our expertise within SaaS and tech, they recognized it was the right fit too.”

A year later Sidi.io is still having success with the people he met there and those partnerships have grown significantly.

Gained Credibility Within the Tech World

“SAAS NORTH is a quality event, with quality people, great speakers, and an overall fun event.” Sidi said. “All of those things helped us become a player in the game of the tech world.”

Sidi stated that due to his company’s quick growth within the tech industry, being a part of SAAS NORTH really helped put him and his team on the map.

“I think by having a booth at SAAS NORTH, having a presence there, being a sponsor amongst other high profile tech organizations really put us on the map,” said Sidi. “We didn’t really exist within that world before this.”

Connecting with the Right People

“Being at SAAS NORTH put us amongst established executives that we wanted to network with, to establish relationships with, and ultimately were a better fit for the types of services that we’re offering.” he explained.

Sidi said that the hardest part of running your own business is not connecting with the right people who need your services. However, by attending SAAS NORTH he was able to meet the right people.

“When you’re not connected to the right people you’re not aligning needs with services,” said Sidi. “You’re just trying to service anyone, and I think when you do that you start to service clients who are the wrong fit and ultimately you don’t get the best results.”

Riaz Sidi will be speaking at SAAS NORTH NOW on the topic of Digital Fatigue: How to Break Through the Clutter to Sell More in 2021 with Shawn Finder of Autoklose.


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