Tyler Eyamie


Tyler Eyamie is the CEO and Co-Founder of Fusebill.com a cloud based subscription billing & management platform based in Ottawa. Tyler Co-founded Fusebill after spending over a decade at Protus IP Solutions helping propel Protus from a small emerging technology company into a successful and thriving company with over 550 000 SaaS subscribers, leading to a successful $213 million exit in December of 2010.

Now at Fusebill, Tyler leads the company providing the overall vision for the company’s products and go to market around subscription based billing & management. Fusebill has attracted some of Canada’s top venture funds including OMERS Ventures, Scale-Up Ventures & BDC.

My Sessions

The Price is Right! Part 1: Pricing models freemium to premium, monthly vs. annual and A/B testing.


From freemium to premium, a breakdown of pricing models. What types of products are best suited to a freemium approach? How do you turn freemium customers into premium customers? Are you able to A/B test? Should you begin with a free trial? The pros and cons of monthly vs annual billing. Featuring: Tyler Eyamie, CEO, […]

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