Michael Cardamone


Michael Cardamone is the Managing Director of Acceleprise, a SaaS-focused accelerator based in San Francisco and backed by leading operators. He is also an advisor to and angel investor in early stage SaaS companies. Prior to Acceleprise, Michael was one of the first 30 employees at Box in a business development role and then led partnerships at an EdTech company called AcademixDirect.

My Sessions

The Price is Right! Part 1: Pricing models freemium to premium, monthly vs. annual and A/B testing.


From freemium to premium, a breakdown of pricing models. What types of products are best suited to a freemium approach? How do you turn freemium customers into premium customers? Are you able to A/B test? Should you begin with a free trial? The pros and cons of monthly vs annual billing. Featuring: Tyler Eyamie, CEO, […]

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