Joanne Chen

Foundation Capital

Joanne is a partner at Foundation Capital where she supports the next generation of startups. As a child, Chen dreamt of becoming an astrophysicist, but she changed her mind for something even better and became an entrepreneur instead. In 2010, Joanne co-founded a mobile educational gaming startup and after a enjoying her first taste in the world of entrepreneurism, she went on to build a career in advising other entrepreneurs and investors. Chen joined Foundation Capital in 2014 after completing her MBA at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Prior to joining Foundation Capital, she worked at Probitas Partners where she focused on advising private equity and venture capital firms in the fundraising process and as an analyst at Jefferies & Company in the Technology, Media, and Telecom Group. Chen, who began designing web pages at the age of 9, geeks out on drones, virtual reality and video games.

My Sessions

Valuation: Building a valuable SaaS Company


How much is a SaaS company worth? What’s the correlation between growth, revenue, and valuation? A look at the narrowing of SaaS valuations. Featuring: Joanne Chen, Partner, Foundation Capital Louis Coppey, Associate, Point Nine Capital Mark Macleod, Founder, Surepath Capital

Finance / Metrics

The AI Race is on: AI first startups are emerging all over and the big players are gobbling them up


Artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm, but especially the SaaS world. Sentient AI is shaking up the advertising industry, artificial intelligence is taking predictive analytics to a new height. Who are the key players in AI and how is it really impacting SaaS? Featuring: Jason Brenier, Director of Strategy, Georgian Partners Joanne Chen, […]

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