Jason Brenier

Georgian Partners

Jason Brenier is the Director of Strategy at Georgian Partners and a member of Georgian Impact. He leads the development of our conversational business investment thesis and works closely with our portfolio companies to integrate natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence into messaging products and conversational interfaces. Jason also supports the investment lifecycle and due diligence processes, and assists with the design and development of internal applications of our thesis areas.

Jason has more than 15 years of experience applying advanced analytics, computational linguistics and machine learning to business problems in the financial services, pharmaceutical and legal domains. Prior to joining Georgian Partners, he held business analytics and technology leadership positions in management consulting, enterprise software and start-ups. Throughout his career, Jason has served as CTO at an early stage machine learning startup, led Ernst & Young’s forensic data science team, and held advisory positions with a number of artificial intelligence and analytics companies.

Jason holds a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Colorado, Boulder, where his research focused on computational linguistics and speech and language processing systems. He was a visiting researcher at Stanford University and a member of the Stanford Natural Language Processing Group.

Jason is a flamenco aficionado and enjoys playing the guitar and running. He loves studying foreign languages and speaks Spanish and Russian.

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