April Dunford

Startup Advisor

April Dunford is the CEO/Founder at Sprintly. She is an experienced startup executive with a deep interest in how B2B startups bring their offerings to market and get them into the hands of customers that are willing to pay for them. April believes in evidence-based, metrics-driven revenue growth through systematic marketing and sales processes.

April has run startups and held executive positions at both smaller and larger companies. April launched a dozen products into market and have driven hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue.

My Sessions

Obviously Awesome – using context to move your customers from “What?” to “Wow!”


As entrepreneurs, innovation is in our blood. Customers unfortunately, often find innovation overwhelming and baffling. How do we make sure our innovative new products are understood by customers that are drowning in a sea of products? This talk will teach you how context helps us make sense of the world and how startups can build […]

Customer Success
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