Andrew Christensen

Arthur Ventures

Andrew Christensen is a Partner at Arthur Ventures and focuses on SaaS businesses. Andrew leads investments (TINYpulse, Agronomic) and manages the firm’s sourcing strategy. Prior to joining Arthur Ventures in 2009, Andrew served as a fund manager for Dakota Venture Group. Outside of Arthur Ventures, Andrew co-founded Emerging Prairie and is an organizer for local Startup Weekends. Andrew holds a BBA from the University of North Dakota and an MBA from North Dakota State University.

My Sessions

Lessons Learned From Seeing Multiple SaaS Companies Scale from $1M to $10M in ARR outside Silicon Valley


Life is different outside of Silicon Valley. The numbers are different, the players are different. Learn how companies can and have successfully scaled from $1M to $10M in ARR. And yes, it can be done. What are these companies doing differently? Featuring: Andrew Christensen, Partner, Arthur Ventures. Mike Gardner, CEO, Agreement Express. Brian Kobus, Partner, […]

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