Topics include:

  • Low-budget Growth Hacks- Facilitated by Ali Mahmoud,
  • Going Global- The Do’s, The Don’ts, The How and The Why- Facilitated by Ben Morris, Wesley Clover
  • Looking Beyond Canada to Attract and Retain Top Talent for SaaS Companies- Facilitated by Batia Stein, EY Law LLP
  • Alternative Sources of Fundraising- Facilitated by Todd Gardner, SaaS Capital
  • Strategies for measuring ABM (Account Based Marketing) campaign performance Facilitated by Saadat Qadri, Outshine
  • SaaS Financial Metrics- Facilitated by Susan Richards, Numbercrunch
  • Taking Your Product to Mobile– Facilitated by Vicki Iverson, Iversoft
  • How to Build a Winning SaaS Startup Culture- Facilitated by Roy Pereira,

More to come…

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