Retention – They Came for The Free Coffee, They Left With a Full Meal. Converting freemium to paying customers, upgrading basic to pro plans


How Customer success and sales working collaboratively to retain customers. That free trial was great, you saw a big spike in customer acquisition. But what happens when the trial is up? Do they stay or do they leave? Have they seen enough value in the product to pay? Building in retention, thinking beyond the initial free trial sign-up. Understand how to keep your customers.


  • Tope Awotona, CEO/ Founder, Calendly.
  • Alexandra Skey, Head of Customer Experience, Bambora.
  • Jessica Weisz, Chief Client Officer, Soapbox Innovations.
  • Jocelyn Brown, VP Customer Success, Allocadia

Moderated by Sean Stanleigh, Globe and Mail

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